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Your online account provides the means to make instant call routing changes, check your call statistics and purchase enhanced call routing features.

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Use the following pages to control the various aspects of your account.

If you want to view or change where your numbers point, you need the number management section.

If you want to view bills and payments, try Account History.

If you need to tell us your contact details have changed, Your Account will allow you to do so.

If you need to route calls according to the time of day, Day Parting allows you to do so.

If you need to view your call stats, Call Statistics is where you'll find them.

If you want to set up some diverts, to ensure all calls are answered, the Route Plans section will be useful.

Number Management - This page allows you to manage where we route the calls made to your numbers. Your Account - This page allows you to view or change the details that Barritel holds about you, such as your address, etc.
Route Plans - Here you can divert calls to a second or third destination number if the first isn't answered or busy. Account History - This page allows you to view the invoices and payments on your Barritel account.
Day Parting - Use this section to configure which numbers to route your calls to at various times of day. Call Statistics - This page shows details of your call usage, including durations, costs and rebates.
Manage Payments - Use this section to manage your stored credit/debit cards and/or Direct Debits that you've set up with us. File Uploader - you can now upload your own audio files to your account and select them for use on your number features.

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